1. step 

It is necessary to have a student card registered in the database of the system called Kredit. Only through this card, you can get the food.

2. step

Before the first use it is neccesary to registrate the card in the cash office in Nová Menza (New Canteen) (open from Monday to Friday from 10:00 till 13:00).

3. krok

In Nová Menza (New Canteen) it is also possible to activate the ordering through the Internet.

4. krok

It is possible to order only lunches, from 19:00 the previous day, only on Friday till 13:00.

5. krok

5. It is possible to order the food through the ordering machine or in the information centre (computer with touch display). The information are everywhere the same, in ordering machine, in the information centre and when ordering through the internet.

6. krok

6. When ordering, press the card on the machine, choose the number of the chosen lunch and press the card again. Your lunch is ordered.
When by serving hatch, press the card to the readig machine, the number of chosen lunch is displayed and you get your lunch.